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Hey friends!

I am receiving some messages from blog followers and friends who are worried about me. Thank you so much for checking up on me. Thankfully, I am doing fine! This weekend I was busy preparing for my internship at kindergarten. That’s why I didn’t have the chance to make a card. I just had my first day of the internship. It was absolutely lovely and I’m looking forward to the upcoming days. I also wanted to send my love, peace and positive thoughts to the people who are affected by the awful things that are happening in this world.

Again, thank you for checking up on me! I will be back on Saturday with a new Saturday Stamp Day video. xo


  1. Good luck. You will be a great teacher. There is nothing more precious than those little, young, curious minds.

  2. You will be a wonderful teacher Laura and the kids will be lucky to have you. I am so glad you are safe and pray that things will settle down soon and everyone will be at peace with one another.

  3. So glad you’re ok. I didn’t realize your goal was to be a Kindergarten teacher! That’s great! What a rewarding career, gotta love those fresh young minds. So full of curiosity and innocence! Looking forward to your next post. Thanks for all you do for us!

  4. Glad you are doing well. And it is wonderful that you are planning on teaching. What a wonderful aspiration for you to have. And I know you will be a great one. You teach us so much about card making and you do a wonderful job of it too. Smiles and hugs.

  5. As a retired teacher, I’m excited about you joining the profession. You are a wonderful teacher already. Dedicated teachers are so important.

  6. Your kindergarden kids will be number one in Arts and Crafts. Stay safe! Missed your video!

  7. Wonderful to hear. Congratulations on your internship. I loved my son’s kindergarten teacher. I am sure you will love it. Kids are so amazing. ♥

  8. GOOD LUCK Laura!!!
    Thinking of you.

  9. You will be the perfect teacher for wee ones. Enjoy your carreer!

  10. Hi Laura ~ I’m so glad you are fine, and that you had such a great time at your internship day! Sending big hugs to you ♥

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