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Happy Sunday, sweet friends. Long time no see! It’s been a while since I posted a card, so I thought I’d give you an update.

College kicked off about three weeks ago and it’s probably been the busiest 3 weeks ever. The first year of college was busy but the teachers told us that this year would be the busiest and most stressful year in college ever. Eek! I’m super busy with lots of assignments, projects, internships, driving lessons, and more. So as you can probably tell, I barely have time to make cards. In fact, it’s been more than two weeks since I made a card. 🙁

To be honest, I don’t think I’ll be able to make a lot of cards during this year of college. Maybe I’ll be able to get crafty in my Winter Break (end of December). But good news! I have a video and blog post scheduled for a fun company so there’ll be a new video from me soon. I’ll keep you posted on that. Let’s hope I can make another card and video BEFORE my Winter Break because I miss spending time in the craft room. Did you know I’m not even aware of new stamp releases? Crazy right?!

Thanks so much for your support and for being so understanding. I highly appreciate it and I can’t wait to be back soon. This school year will fly by really fast, that’s for sure! 🙂 See you soon! Xo


  1. Hello Laura,

    I’m sorry that you’re not able to “craft” as normal, but it sounds like you have much more important things to be doing – LOL! Good luck with our driving lessons – that’s exciting! Looking forward to whenever you can post.

    Take care 🙂

  2. Laura, have a great year. Enjoy collage life, your craft room will await you!

  3. Laura, I’m sorry you can’t spend more time crafting, but I’m glad you seem to be enjoying college! Hopefully you will be able to carve out a little crafty time here & there. We’ll be here when you can. Good luck with your driving lessons. I didn’t learn to drive until I was 21 (by choice). I had some harrowing experiences with it, but it’s a great skill to learn. I’ve never regretted it. 🙂 ~ Andrea

  4. Laura, we’ll be here for you when you have the time to share your craftiness with all of us. We look forward to it.

  5. We’ll still be around when you make new cards. In the mean time, keep your nose to the grind-stone and get that degree!!! lol Wishing you the best.

  6. I am retired and I find it hard to keep up with all of the new releases, tutorials, blog hops, etc. so I can see how hard it would be for you. Just work on your schooling. That is what is most important now. You will make a great teacher and there will be plenty of time for cardmaking once you are through. It is fun to just hear from you once in awhile so we know how you are doing.

  7. Its so good to hear from you. Thanks so much for letting us know whats going on! I know you will do great this year at school and learn amazing things! have fun! hugs, treen

  8. Have a great year. Have fun and enjoy life. Thanks for the update and keep us posted on college achievements. You’ll be great.

  9. Thank You for the update Laura. Your studies are the most important priority … but you do NEED to have some FUN too, so I hope you get to fit in some creative times!
    GOOD LUCK for the rest of your studies 🙂

  10. Hi Laura,
    I’ve been missing you, and thought I would stop by and say hello! Thank you so much for your update…I’m glad everything is going well with college! It surely sounds like a busy year, and I hope you’ll be able to ‘fit in’ some crafty time for yourself very soon!
    Sending you big HUGS, and best wishes for a successful school year! Be safe, and have fun ~ Barb ♥

  11. I can’t wait to see it I’ve missed your card videos

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