Update, New Cards and More!

Hi, everybody! It’s been a while since I posted a new card or video here on my blog, but the wait is almost over. Tomorrow, my final exams will be kicking off so I’ve been busy studying. However, during my breaks I’ve been making two new cards and one video in honor of The Ton’s Summer 2017 Release Blog Hop this Friday, June 9th. Make sure to check out The Ton’s blog for previews of the new stamp sets and other products.

Here’s a sneak peek of one of my projects. I’ll be sharing a video for this one! I’m secretly working on other projects, but I can’t share anything about that just yet. Let’s just say that you should hide your wallets because there’s lots of good stuff coming soon!

Besides from that, I visited a succulent nursery this weekend. It was a really nice way for me to relax for a while. I purchased lots of pretty succulents and took lots of pictures at the nursery. Will you just look at these gorgeous succulents? I’m so obsessed! I’m especially amazed by those black succulents called Black Rose.

So, this is not card making related at all – it actually got me thinking, maybe I should start a lifestyle blog to share random stuff. I’m a big fan of lipstick. Especially lipsticks by MAC. MAC has a new release called Fruity Juicy and the packaging is just too cute! I love, love, love it!

Alright! 🙂 That’s it for now. Remember, the end is near! I’ll be finishing my exams on June 14 so that means my Summer Break is not so far away. I simply cannot wait to start crafting more often and share more videos. I really missed card making, lately! Thanks for your outgoing support. I’ll see you this Friday with a new video and two new cards. Sending you all a BIG hug! Xo



  1. Veel succes met de examens Laura! En ik kijk al uit naar al je creatieve projecten gedurende de komende zomertijd 😊

  2. Hi Laura,

    Wishing you all the very best with your exams. Looking forward to the “reveal” – I suspect it involves beer – lol

  3. Hi Laura,
    Thanks for the update! I can see why you love succulents so much…they’re beautiful! Looking forward to Friday…thanks for the sneak peek 🙂
    Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers that you will do well on your exams…Big Hugs, Barb xo

  4. Hi Laura ~ I have no doubt you’ll ace these exams and we all can’t wait to see more of you. LOVE the succulents you’ve been sharing too. ~BIG HUGS~

  5. Hi Laura, I’ve definitely missed your posts and your incredible card designs. So glad that the end is in sight for you and I’m sure your studying hard for your exams. I can see why you like that MAC ‘fruity’ line, the packaging is beyond delicious!! Can’t wait to see your card and video. And I think a lifestyle blog is a fantastic idea, I would definitely follow!

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