Hi, friends! Today I’m sharing an updated tour of my craft room along with some organizing tips. 😊 Make sure to watch the video below. Have any questions? Did I miss something? Leave a comment or shoot me an email.

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Hi, friends! In today’s video I’m sharing a review on the Make It By Marko 3D printed organizers. These products are are made my a husband and wife team in Indianapolis in the United States. Good news for my fellow European card makers because these organizers are now available at Cloud9 Crafts. Woohoo!! 🥳

Make sure to watch the video below to see these products in action and to hear my thoughts on them. Bonus! I also uploaded it in Dutch. Say whaaaat?! Yes, my very first video in Dutch! 🙊 I felt so uncomfortable!

The first item I talk about in my video is the Peacock Blender Brush Caddy. This caddy holds up to 10 blending brushes including the Taylored Expressions and Nellie’s Choice brushes.

REVIEW: Make It By Marko 3D PRINTED Craft Room Organizers

Next up is the Shammy Case. I love this so much! It holds the Lawn Fawn Shammy or any other shammy, cloth or small towel. The best part about it is that it keeps your shammy damp while providing ventilation.

REVIEW: Make It By Marko 3D PRINTED Craft Room Organizers

Finally I’m showing you the Glue Holder which can hold your glue tubes including a Lawn Fawn Glue Tube, Nuvo Drops, Glossy Accents, and more!

All of these products are now available for purchase at Cloud9 Crafts. Yay! Happy shopping! 🥳

Supply list

I’m not affiliated with Cloud9 Crafts. However, Cloud9 Crafts sent me these products for me to review. Opinions are my own.

Hi there! After watching a ton of craft room tours on YouTube, I’ve been organizing my craft room like a mad woman. I purged and organized a ton of stuff in my craft room including stamps, dies, stencils, ink, and so much more. I think organizing is fun and it boosts my creative mojo.

The less clutter and the better overview of my crafty stuff I have, the more I get inspired to make new and fresh designs. That’s why I truly believe that people who make cards purely as a hobby (like I do!), don’t need a bunch of stuff. Everything I have in my craft room, are products that I use and love. That’s why I donate all of the products I don’t use to friends or sell here on my blog.

Before watching this video, please keep in mind that a lot of my organization systems are inspired by Jennifer McGuire and by my friend Nicole PicaduraThese ladies have shared a bunch of tips that were really helpful to me and were the key to setting up a craft room that works for me!


  • My craft room is very small! It measures 2m x 3m (6m²) or 64ft².
  • The walls are covered in wallpaper. I got it many years ago at a local decoration shop that no longer exists, unfortunately!
  • My flooring is heavy weight vinyl that I got at a store called Carpet Right*. It’s super easy to clean!
  • I’m lucky to have a large south facing window in my craft room. I love to make cards when the sun shines. It also makes it easier to film videos. I photograph my cards in our kitchen – where there’s even a bigger window, on the kitchen table.
  • I like to add some pops of decoration here and there but I don’t go overboard since I want to use all of the space in my room for crafty products.


  • My desk and matching storage unit is from the MICKE collection from IKEA.
  • My chair is from MS2000 Furniture*.
  • Above my desk I have a glass shelving unit from IKEA. It’s no longer available but they probably have something similar. My monopod with camera is drilled into the wall so I can easily film card making tutorials.
  • I love the KALLAX storage unit from IKEA. I also got the matching door and drawer inserts for extra storage. I kept one unit empty because that’s where my dog Jinny likes to sleep. I could use that space, but I can’t just take away her little cubby, right?
  • On the left side of my craft room, I have a big cabinet to store lots of craft supplies. I got this at Brico* many years ago.
  • * Items marked with (*) asterisks were purchased in shops in Belgium


  • For my regular sized stamp sets, I use the same system as Jennifer McGuire. I use a big Interdesign container (12″ x 4″ x 14.5″)to hold all of my stamp pockets.
  • I created the dividers myself. Simply grab a piece of cardboard, cover it up with some paper, put a label on it, round the corners, run it through your laminating machine. Done! Just cut it out with your paper trimmer (be sure to leave an edge so the laminating paper won’t split) and round the corners once more. You could also just laminate colored card stock or white card stock and skip the cardboard. I used cardboard because I wanted to make sure that these dividers were nice and thick since I look through my stamps a lot.
  • I keep all of my stamps in Avery Elle, Simon Says Stamp or Ellen Hutson pouches. I store the matching dies in the same pocket.
  • For 6×8 stamp sets, I use a different container from Interdesign. It holds these stamp sets nicely! I keep all of these sets in very cheap poly bags that I got at a Dutch shop called Action*. Simon Says Stamp sells similar bags that would work, too!
  • I always put a piece of white card stock in each pouch to make sure that it’s nice and clean. I label all of my sets with the Dymo Letra Tag Label Maker.



  • Each stencil is stored in those poly bags from Action*.
  • I keep my stencils along with embossing paste and spatulas in an Interdesign container.



  • I store my Copic Sketch and ZIG Clean Color Real Brush Markers in KRUSS containers from IKEA.


  • I store all of my sequins in Elizabeth Ward’s embellishment containers. I don’t put the lid on to have a better overview, but if you could easily stack these containers by putting on the lids!
  • I label all of the little containers with the Planet Label labels.



Like I mentioned in the beginning of this post, I couldn’t have set up this craft room without watching numerous of videos from talented and organized ladies. Here is a breakdown of videos and blog posts that were helpful to me. I highly recommend checking these out:

  • Jennifer McGuire’s Craft Room Tour: My stamp storage system, die cut storage system and stencil storage system are inspired by Jennifer.
  • Nicole Picadura: Nicole is a crafty friend of mine and has shared numerous of helpful blog posts and videos on organization methods. I use the same labels to label my dye ink pads. You can click HERE for the downloadable labels. I also found her ink storage video very helpful.
  • Christiana Reuling’s Craft Room Tour: I love how clean, tidy and airy Christy’s craft room looks. I can tell that she has a great overview of all or the products and just like me, she’s a crafter on a budget. I appreciate the simplicity of her room. Definitely my cup of tea!


  • Lots of these organization systems are available at Amazon USA. However, I have good news for my fellow Europeans. Most of the containers are also available at Amazon UK or Amazon Germany. I always order my containers via Amazon Germany. Their shipping is fast.


Just like the majority of card makers, I make cards purely as a hobby. Being a card maker on a budget isn’t always easy. Especially when you’re designing your craft room tour or when you’re building your stash. In this part of my post, I’ll share some of some tips that were helpful to me. Be sure to read them:

  • Sell products that you no longer use: I purge my stamps, dies and inks every three months. I like to go through my products and sell the things I no longer use. That way I can make some money to buy products from new releases or to buy some organization systems.
  • Join a design team or do some guest designing: I am lucky to be part of the Winnie & Walter Design Team. Joining a design team isn’t easy. Mostly it’s hard to get in a design team since the designers usually stick around for a really long time. Guest designing could be an option, though! If you truly love and support a company, tag your creations on social media so they can see you. Send them an email to show them some love and who knows? Maybe they’ll invite you to guest design one day. The perks of being on a design team or guest designing for a company is that you (usually) get free product. I‘m not saying that you should join a team or do guest designing purely for the free product. Only do it when you truly like the company. Working with product that you don’t like, will stress you out and will make you lose the joy of card making! I am on the Winnie & Walter Design Team because I adore the people behind it and their product.
  • Get affiliated with companies: Some companies give you the opportunity to become an affiliate. That means you can link to their product and every time someone orders through your link, you’ll make a little bit of money. Companies like Hallmark Scrapbook have an affiliation program. Just like when you’re joining a design team, only join an affiliation program if you truly support the shop and if you shop there yourself!
  • Visit IKEA: When setting up your craft room, visit an IKEA store near you. Lots of my furniture is from there and I like that these products come at a very reasonable price range. They also have lots of plastic containers that may work for your stamp, die, ink, stencil, … storage!
  • Check Action: For my Belgian and Dutch followers, I highly recommend visiting Action. The sleeves I use for stencil and 6×8 stamp set storage, are from their Made by Me brand. Action also sells lots of tiny containers that are perfect for small embellishments. If you don’t live in Belgium or The Netherlands, I’m sure there’s also a shop that sells cheap stuff like The Dollar Store, etc.

Do you have more tips? I’d like to hear them! I can add them to this list. Let’s help each other out!

That covers my craft room tour. I would love to hear your thoughts! Please let me know if you have further questions. See you soon! Big hugs.


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Multiple shops are linked: click SSS for Simon Says Stamp, EH for Ellen Hutson, HS for Hallmark Scrapbook, AZ USA for Amazon USA, AZ DE for Amazon Germany

Hello, friends! I am here with a quick blog post today to share my new method to store my sequins, beads and other tiny embellishments. I decided to re-organize all of my sequins again because I wanted to be able to store them individually and take the boxes in and out the tray. This makes it easier to organize new sequins in rainbow order!

The container I am using is the Elizabeth Ward Bead Storage Solutions container. This is a large tray that comes with 82 tiny containers. These are clear containers and can also be purchased separately. I like that the set comes with a tray. Because of the tray all of the little boxes stay nice in place whenever I open and close my drawer.


As you can see I organized all of my sequins in rainbow order. In the container I have sequins, beads and tiny embellishments from The Ton, Pretty Pink Posh, Lucy’s Cards and Neat & Tangled. All of the brands mentioned offer a big variety of sequins and I personally like them all! However, The Ton has a special place in my heart because I created my Laura’s Dreamy Blues mix for them. I still have plenty of empty containers in the second container so that’s a huge relief! That way I can still hoard many more sequins in the future. 😉


Because I have quite a few sequins it can be hard to remember the name and brand of each type and color. To make that easier, I labeled each container on the back. I used White Uncoated Labels from Planet Label. I discovered these sheets trough my friend Nicole Picadura and she sent me some sheets to try out. Each sheet comes with 84 labels so a pack of these sheets should last you a lifetime! To create my labels, I used a downloadable and editable file created by Nicole. If you don’t have labels like these you could use a label maker to create the labels or you could take a strip of white paper and write on it. There are endless options!

Before I go I wanted to let you know that the talented Ruby from A Rare Ruby has a long and detailled blog post about these containers that I highly recommend checking out. I purchased the container after reading her blog post! Also, my sweet friend Nicole from Scraps & Stamps uses the individual containers. She has a video that is also worth checking out.

That’s it for now! I will see you tomorrow with a new Saturday Stamp Day card and video. xo


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